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07 day tour in Japan of employees of Ngoc Diep company

From 09/07 to 07/15/2015 days, the officials and employees have made outstanding achievements of the Company Ngoc Diep family travel have fun and meaningful in the country of Japan.

Made of cherry blossoms that people not only admired by the world, poetic landscape has just spectacular but also by the people here. Therefore, the Company Board of Directors has selected Ngoc Diep 07 day tour in Japan as a reward for the officials and employees have made outstanding achievements in 2014.

With a reasonable schedule, a mixture of time to visit and explore the famous tourist spots such as Tokyo Tower, Asakusa Kannon Temple, the Royal Palace, Mount Fuji, Glass Forest, Kyoto, Golden Temple, the castle Osaka …, everyone has the opportunity to play at Disneyland – one of the most famous parks in the world, unwind and unleash sauna tubs in natural mineral hot springs in Kawaguchico, or shopping center Nippon Bashi Commerce and Ginza – Tokyo’s largest shopping mall.


In addition, people also have the opportunity to experience the bullet train (Shinkansen)  one of today’s fastest vessels with an average speed of up to 300km / h, and move on the world’s longest suspension bridge Akashi Kaiyo.

Ending the tour, return to Vietnam with high spirits, cheerful, the staff, the staff was excellent transmission power for all officials and employees of the Company to strive together, contributing to for the overall development of Ngoc Diep.