News | 05-07-2024

[Cafef News] Dinostar Aluminum Launches Alloy Aluminum Ingots: A Milestone in the Materials Industry

Dinostar Aluminum (a subsidiary of Ngoc Diep Group) has officially launched a line of high-quality alloy aluminum ingots. This achievement not only underscores Dinostar Aluminum’s manufacturing capabilities and comprehensive market demand response but also marks a new milestone in Vietnam’s materials industry.

Newly Launched Dinostar Aluminum Alloy Ingot Product LineDiverse Product Categories

According to official information from Dinostar Aluminum, the new alloy aluminum ingot product line includes a diverse range of four main product categories:

1. High-Quality, Multi-Type Alloy Aluminum Ingots: Including ADC12, ADC6, ADC3, ADC-SH, A360, A380, A390 (YD155), A413, AC2B, AC4B, AC4C, etc., which can meet the casting needs of various industries, from automotive production to electronic and household appliances.

2. Silicon-Containing Aluminum Alloys: Including AlSi15, AlSi9, AlSi10Fe, etc., meeting the stringent requirements of industries, especially in applications demanding high hardness and heat resistance, such as the aerospace and automotive industries.

3. Degassed Aluminum Products: Used in various applications, particularly in the steel manufacturing industry to enhance the purity and efficiency of the metallurgical process.

4. 6063 and 6061 Aluminum Ingots: Used in the casting process of components and parts in various industries, from consumer goods production to specialized industrial applications.

Modern Production Line Using Japanese Technology

Dinostar Aluminum is proud to possess a modern and closed production line for alloy aluminum ingots, developed based on advanced technology and stringent quality control processes from Japan. This ensures that Dinostar’s alloy aluminum ingots always meet the rigorous technical requirements of high-tech applications.

Through close collaboration with leading Japanese experts from the design and installation stages to the completion of the production process, Dinostar alloy aluminum ingots are produced with superior quality. The partnership with Japanese experts, combined with Dinostar Aluminum’s manufacturing experience, not only ensures the application of advanced technology but also helps optimize efficiency and use of raw materials and energy in the most effective way.

Dinostar Aluminum Ingots Meet Rigorous Technical Requirements for High-Tech ApplicationsMaterial Recycling and Sustainable Production

With the development of the new alloy aluminum ingot products, Dinostar Aluminum is committed to optimizing resource usage and contributing to carbon emission reduction (decarbonization). Dinostar utilizes environmentally friendly secondary aluminum resource recycling, significantly reducing electricity consumption compared to aluminum production from ore. Using secondary aluminum not only ensures the production of high-quality products but also meets strict environmental protection and sustainable development standards. This aligns with the principles of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and supports the goal of achieving net-zero emissions, a priority for major corporations, FDI enterprises, and foreign companies.

Dinostar Aluminum Ingots Not Only Possess Superior Quality but Also Meet Strict Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development StandardsA Leap Forward in Vietnam’s Materials Industry

The successful launch of Dinostar Aluminum’s alloy aluminum ingot products marks a significant leap in the manufacturing capabilities of Vietnamese enterprises, showcasing strong autonomy in the supply of raw materials. This new product provides Dinostar Aluminum with an opportunity to solidify its position in the materials industry, meeting the high-quality raw material demands for high-tech applications of domestic FDI enterprises and for export. As a result, the dependency on imported products is significantly reduced, bringing substantial strategic economic benefits. This event also demonstrates Dinostar Aluminum’s strategic vision and commitment to sustainable development alongside its business partners, affirming the company’s pioneering role in advancing Vietnam’s materials industry to new heights.

Benefiting from advanced production technology, robust manufacturing capabilities, superior quality, and diverse applications, Dinostar Aluminum’s new alloy ingot products promise to become the top choice for businesses, delivering added value and sustainable benefits for customers and the community.

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