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[CafeF News] Elevate Your Space with Diverse Furniture from Ngoc Diep Furniture

Established nearly 30 years ago, Ngoc Diep Furniture has gradually built a leading position in Vietnam’s highly competitive furniture market thanks to a development strategy focused on providing comprehensive interior solutions.

Ngoc Diep Furniture and the First “Piece” of Ngoc Diep Group

In 1996, when Vietnam opened its economy, the Vietnamese furniture market mainly consisted of imported products from Taiwan (China), Malaysia, or Thailand. Recognizing a significant lack of comprehensive design consultancy services for customers, Ngoc Diep Furniture was founded and became one of the pioneering units in developing solutions for interior equipment, including consulting, design, supply, installation, and warranty. This was also the initial foundation for the Ngoc Diep brand.

After nearly 30 years of formation and development, Ngoc Diep Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited (Ngoc Diep Furniture) has now become a reputable brand in the office and household furniture market in Vietnam, honored with prestigious awards such as the Vietnam Golden Star, and the Vietnam National Brand…

Ngoc Diep Furniture – Excellence in Every Process

When mentioning Ngoc Diep Furniture, customers not only remember the quality of products and unique designs but also particularly impressed by the architectural spatial solutions that have become the company’s hallmark. With a team of experienced architects and designers, Ngoc Diep Furniture always brings breakthrough ideas, creative solutions tailored to the needs and preferences of customers.

Ngoc Diep Furniture stands out with its capacity for comprehensive design consultancy. (Image: Ngoc Diep Furniture)

In addition to design solutions, Ngoc Diep Furniture also attaches great importance to implementation and post-installation services for customers. Thanks to a team of highly skilled technicians, every interior space is quickly executed with precise finishes according to the design concept. Along with that, post-sales services are also systematically implemented, ensuring the full rights and benefits of customers. Offering superior and comprehensive interior equipment solutions, the Ngoc Diep Furniture brand has gained the trust and support of many large domestic and international partners.

To date, Ngoc Diep Furniture has provided design consultancy and installation for numerous projects, key constructions spanning across 63 provinces and cities, with diverse interior design styles for offices, homes, and schools. Ngoc Diep’s interior solutions are applied in various spaces and purposes such as administrative agencies, international organizations, schools, hospitals, etc.

The Pham Van Dong Library at the National Economics University with a total investment of 11 million USD, designed and installed by Ngoc Diep Furniture. (Image: VNEXPRESS)

Mr. Tran Huu Quan, Director of Ngoc Diep Trading and Manufacturing Company Limited (Ngoc Diep Furniture), shared: “The prerequisite for Ngoc Diep Furniture’s success is the continuous effort and dedication of the leadership team and employees in every process, especially focusing on quality management. The Ngoc Diep Furniture team always explores, innovates, and updates new design styles to suit the development trends of the era. In addition, the company continuously improves service quality, always prioritizing the interests and satisfaction of customers.”

After nearly 30 years of formation and development, Ngoc Diep Furniture is proud to be one of the leading furniture brands in the Vietnamese market. Ngoc Diep Furniture is still steadfast on the path of innovation, ceaseless creativity to further enhance the quality of products, services, and elevate the architectural projects of customers across the country.

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