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[VnEconomy News] Ngoc Diep Packaging and its 25-year journey of customer conquest

Being present in the market for 25 years also means 25 years of Ngoc Diep Packaging holding the position of the leading carton packaging manufacturer nationwide and being a trusted partner of many large enterprises.

Ngoc Diep Packaging’s manufacturing plant covers an area of over 40,000m2 at Pho Noi A Industrial Park, Van Lam, Hung Yen. (Image: Ngoc Diep Packaging).

1. Superior production capacity and quality of carton packaging

In the next 5 years, the carton packaging market in Vietnam is expected to significantly expand. The gradual economic recovery along with high urbanization rates and the “green” consumption trend are forecasted to increase the demand for this product. According to Mordor Intelligence, the scale of the Vietnamese Paper Packaging Market is expected to increase from 2.37 billion USD in 2023 to 3.77 billion USD in 2028, with a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of up to 9.73%. Therefore, to meet market demand, production capacity is a factor that packaging manufacturers value.

Starting its operations in the packaging sector in 1998, Ngoc Diep Corporation (Ngoc Diep Packaging) early on affirmed its leading position in carton packaging manufacturing in Vietnam. Ngoc Diep Packaging is capable of supplying the market with 300 million products per year from a factory covering an area of over 40,000m2. This is one of the largest carton packaging factories in the North, helping to meet the strictest requirements in terms of quantity and quality from customers.

Not content with its current position, Ngoc Diep Packaging continuously invests significant amounts to modernize equipment and enhance manufacturing technology both in width and depth. According to assessments, the Ngoc Diep Packaging factory owns the most advanced production line today with high-quality Flexo printing lines, new wave machines, new cutting machines, and the highest level of product quality management. ISO-standard quality management systems, quality inspection, and origin tracing using 4.0 technology help control quality most strictly, minimizing errors.

Thanks to its superior production technology and quality, Ngoc Diep Packaging’s products can fully meet the stringent standards of FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) companies as well as MNCs (Multinational Corporations) and criteria for health safety, food safety, and environmental friendliness.

With these continuous efforts, Ngoc Diep Joint Stock Company (Ngoc Diep Packaging) has consistently won prestigious awards such as the National Quality Gold Award, National Brand Award, … and has been listed for many years in the Top 10 Trusted Paper Packaging Companies in Vietnam (as evaluated by Vietnam Report).

Ngoc Diep Packaging undergoes strict quality control. (Image: Ngoc Diep Packaging)

2. Proud to be a packaging partner with many leading brands in the market

Manufacturers often pay great attention to the quality of packaging because packaging not only plays a role in protecting products inside but also provides information and adds value to the brand image. Therefore, choosing a reliable unit that can meet quality and design requirements is always carefully considered by many businesses.

With its proven capabilities, after 25 years of formation and development, Ngoc Diep Packaging has become a familiar supplier to a series of large brands in various fields from food to electronics and refrigeration.

Sharing about Ngoc Diep Packaging, representatives of partner companies all highly appreciate the company’s product quality for meeting all technical, design, and strict requirements. Among them are partners who have been accompanying Ngoc Diep Packaging since its early days. This is evidence of the capacity and reputation of the Ngoc Diep Packaging brand in the market.

The quality of Ngoc Diep Packaging is highly regarded by partners. (Image: Ngoc Diep Packaging).

With the desire to continue to be a reliable partner in the packaging production field for domestic brands and to enhance cooperation with international customers, Ngoc Diep Packaging is constantly focusing on investing in, improving production lines, and human resources. With long-term commitments and a proper vision, Ngoc Diep Packaging is confident in further strong development in the future.

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