News | 14-10-2023

4 best-selling leadership desk models in 2023

Among hundreds of executive desk models on sale today, you will surely spend a lot of time trying to buy a suitable desk for your workspace. So let Ngoc Diep Furniture suggest to you 4 best-selling executive desk models in 2023 suitable for many different styles. Let’s see the details below!

1. Leadership desk Luxury LUXB2720V1

As one of the most prominent desk models in the Luxury line, the LUXB2720V1 executive desk attracts customers at first sight with its modern, sophisticated and luxurious design.

The LUXB2720V1 table model uses high-quality Melamine-coated industrial wood with two main tones of brown and dark gray, harmoniously combined to create an elegant beauty for the product. The table cover is indented compared to the table surface, cleverly using decorative lines to create additional highlights for the product.

The LUXB2720V1 executive desk also comes with an additional cabinet with up to 6 storage compartments, on the top of the cabinet is designed a high-quality sliding electrical box. Side cabinets not only help users have more space to organize items, but also increase the aesthetics and class of the workspace.

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2. Leadership desk Leader LEP180C12

If you are looking for a desk suitable for a small space but still fully equipped, the LEP180C12 desk model will definitely not disappoint you.

LEP180C12 table has a compact, modern design with a length of 1m8, melamine wooden surface and plated steel pipe table legs ensuring sturdiness and durability. The table’s electrical trough is combined as a bracing frame and cleverly covered with a corrugated iron front cover, creating both a solid structure and ensuring aesthetics.

In addition, this desk model also has a fixed side cabinet that comes with 1 CPU compartment, 1 drawer compartment and 1 open door to help you store items and papers very neatly and conveniently.

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3. Leadership desk Royal HRP1890L1Y2

The HRP1890L1Y2 desk set is a 3-in-1 solution for those who are looking for a multi-functional desk with an elegant, smart design.

The product set includes 1 desk, 1 sideboard and 1 drawer firmly linked together by plated pillars. With a desk size of 1m8 and many convenient drawers, you will easily store documents scientifically without worrying about wasting space.

The HRP1890L1Y2 table is made from high-quality melamine-coated industrial wood that is scratch-resistant, waterproof and easy to clean. The design of the table is highly appreciated with a curved table top and decorative silver-painted wood paneling on the underside. Besides, the silver corrugated iron table cover with stylized oval holes is also an impressive highlight of the product.

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4. Director’s desk DT3212V7

For those who prefer classic style, the DT3212V7 leadership desk model will be a choice not to be missed.

The table is made from high-quality Veneer-covered industrial wood with luxurious natural wood grain lines. The table top is curved and has a black embossed cover, creating a unique and impressive highlight at first sight.

You can combine this table model with a full set of cabinets, drawers, side cabinets… to create a professional, comfortable working space, affirming the leader’s class.

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Hopefully the above article has helped you find a suitable and classy leadership desk model for your workspace. Contact Ngoc Diep Furniture immediately via hotline 024 3942 7992 to be provided with a complete set of office furniture consulting, design and installation solutions!




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