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Aluminum developed by real estate

Representatives of the company said that the real estate market recovery in recent years is a good signal for the construction material enterprises, which have aluminum materials. At that time, the demand for materials for the works and projects will increase sharply.

According to data from the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industry (VAMI), aluminum consumption in the country increased on average by 15-20% a year.

However, before the rapid development, many foreign enterprises also enter Vietnam to compete. This is a great barrier for aluminum manufacturers in developed countries, aluminum bar shaped products are subject to strong competition, especially high-end aluminum bar market.

This poses a challenge to the aluminum industry in the country, how to compete and attract customers. Because when consumers are familiar with foreign goods, domestic products do not meet the quality and price will not be competitive.

“If aluminum bar shaped products are of good quality and reasonable price, Vietnamese enterprises will be able to compete with competitors,” said Ngoc Diep.



With 10 aluminium extrusion production lines, 02 power coating lines(Horizontal and Vertical Lines), aluminum Anodizing line, Billet Smelting and casting system and other auxiliary systems base on technology of Japan, Germany and Taiwan.



Ngoc Diep Aluminium Joint Stock Company – DINOSTAR factory will provide two main productlines:

– Extruded aluminium profile for construction which is used to make door frames, curtain wall frames…..and target market is all of aluminium agents in Vietnam.

– Industrial Aluminium with major customers are automotive and electronic device factories.

DINOSTAR can produce more than 40.000 tons aluminum per year and will be one of the largest and most advanced aluminium producers in Vietnam.