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Is there any direction for Vietnamese aluminium in the shadow of Chinese aluminium?

Vietnam’s aluminium market needs to overcome the shadow of Chinese aluminium

Because of the uncontrollable mass attack of Chinese aluminium and the omittance in aluminium product quality from domestic importers, distributors, dealers,too manyfalse and low quality aluminium products have appeared inthe market, Vietnamese authentic businesses have to face lots of difficulties to exist in a price competion as well as to meet strict quality standards.

In addition, the domestic aluminium distribution still remains traditional method with spontaneous agents. Without a distribution channel plan, the domestic market has become chaotic with price dumping, internal competion.         

Vietnamese enterprises currently still copes with multiple obstacles when the import tax rate imposed on Chinese aluminium material and products is 0% (in accordance with ACFTA). Further more, a not-small-amount of Chinese aluminiumimported via Lang Son, Mong Cai border gates andcustoms-declared in incorrect quantity orimported as border trade for tax evasion has largely influenced on Vietnamese authentic manufacturing businesses.

According toexperts, Chinese aluminium production cost is relatively competitive, putting a heavy pressure on Vietnamese aluminium manufacturers. This is considered as a warning to aluminium businesses in production cost optimization to improve their  product quality and competitive capability in the forthcoming time.

Dinostar aluminium,Vietnamese 1st ranked constructional aluminium – industrial aluminium

Vietnamese aluminium market remains a lot of issues, which need to be solved by the effort of relating authorities and enterprises.

It can not be denied that Vietnamese aluminium industry has made some advances,state authoritieshave drasticallyintervened the market so far and Vietnamese aluminium businesses have continuosly invested in product research and development to create new aluminium types.

DINOSTAR aluminium of Ngoc Diep Aluminium Joint Stock Company, a company member of Ngoc Diep Group, is such a typical business. Towards the objective of conquering market by product quality, Dinostar Aluminium Factory has been invested systematically in advanced technology production lines, manufacturing scale as well as in quality management systems of ISO 9001-2015; ISO 14001-2015; TCVN 5838:1994, JIS H4100:2015; EN 755-9:2016…Dinostar targets high-grade aluminium market segment. Dinostar aluminium products can compete with high quality-importing ones.

Dinostar Aluminium Factory

DINOSTAR aluminium products are present at 63 cities and provinces nationwide. These productsare highly appreciated by agents and customers on outstanding featuresincluding durable, chip-resistant, corrosion-resistant, weatherproof, environment-friendly, aesthetic attributions. They can be applied and suitable for various kinds of construction: buildings, villas, offices, etc.

In order to meet the large demand of customers, Ngoc Diep Aluminium JSC. has developednot only constructional aluminium but also industrial aluminium applying in energy, transportation, precision machining, etc.

Ngoc Diep Aluminium JSC. intends to define Dinostar as the prime export product to foreign markets such as: India, Malaysia, USA, Canada, etc in the forthcoming time.

Dinostar Aluminium Product

Vietnam’s leading constructional aluminium – industrial aluminium brand is a long process, which needs to be built by customers’ trust. Besides, that is an enduring process in technology research and development. DINOSTAR aluminium of Ngoc Diep Group has gradually proved its position in Vietnam’s industrial and constructional manufacturing industry, created a Vietnamese prestigious aluminium trademark.