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Mass summarize the work in 2015 and 2016 welcome Binh Than spring of Ngoc Diep packaging and window factory

Closing ceremony of the 2015 work Factory Store  Packaging Ngoc Diep, was a great success in the solemn atmosphere, butalso incredibly fun and warm with the presence of the Board of Directors of the Company, Board of Directors factory all staff ofthe company and the company Ngoc Diep Trading and production Ngoc Diep  Hung Yen Branch.

Air in the air to welcome the new year, at 11:00 the day 01/24/2016, Co Do restaurant in Hoi Quan, Hung Yen, Masssummarize the work in 2015 and serenely welcome spring 2016 took place in the atmosphere fresh with the opening of excitingentertainment shows.

As soon welcome more entertainment, announced the reason the program is part of the report, said of Mr. Tran Thanh Long Director of Plant and Bui Bich Ngoc  General Director of the Company.


Mr Tran Thanh Long  Factory director reported about 2015 year

Mr Bui Ngoc – CEO of the Company stated
Mr Tran Thanh Long on behalf of the factory gave flowers to Mr Bui Ngoc

In 2015, though influenced by the difficult situation of the economy overall, but for the wise leadership of the board of directors, the efforts of all employees, and Door factory for Ngoc Diep Bao has achieved encouraging achievements. In recognition of the dedication of the staff, board of directors has decided to reward, title officers, employees and innovativeexcellence to individuals who have a good record in 2015.

Mr Bui Ngoc  General Director of the Company to reward employees with outstanding achievements in 2015
Mr Tran Thanh Long  Factory Director awarded for advanced staff

Mr Nguyen Van Hoan – The excellent staff representing for all employeesof Ngoc Diep packaging and window factory to speech

After the speech and awarded to individuals to perform well, entire Board of Directors and employees have the same toast the new year and attend the festivals in the air is extremely playful, warm with more entertainment unique self made by the forumstaff.


Attractive repertoire and the most anticipated is the lucky draw, to be held annually with significant prizes awarded to luckyemployees. Total prizes this year include 26 award. Including:

01 first prize is the TV Sony 32 ‘

02 second prizes are sets of Everon ES1362

03 third prizes are Panasonic microwaves

05 forth prizes are 05 Bluestone rice cookers

15 fifth prizes are the electric hot pot cookers

Some pictures of the lucky draw items:

Lucky employees won fifth prize

Lucky employees won third prize

Lucky employees won second prize

Tran Thi Thu Diep – Chairman Award for Nguyen Vu Khanh  The finished products Packing Factory

In 2016, all staff would like to wish good health, happiness, luck and success. Good for Company Ngoc Diep stronger, new yearfortune  found fortune!