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Ngoc Diep Aluminum expands export markets

Ngoc Diep’s painted products are exported to countries such as Canada, USA and Australia. In addition, Ngoc Diep has cooperated with a number of foreign partners and exported to Canada the product lines of shaped aluminum bars used in the manufacture of automobiles, electronic components, …
In export activities, Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company always complies with the requirements, regulations of goods and eligible to be licenced  certification of origin as well as strict technical standards in many different markets, especially American and European market.

In the domestic market, Ngoc Diep Aluminum also covers the market with a system of agents stretching from the North to the South and construction investors, factories producing accessories and household appliances trust in cooperation.
With the goal of expanding the export market, bringing DINOSTAR shaped aluminum bars to all places in the world, reaching the leading position in Vietnam, Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company always focuses on  improving quality and meet the diverse needs of customers.