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Ngoc Diep company celebrated the Vietnamese women day – 20th Oct

In the series of annual activity of the company Ngoc Diep, 20-10 days of this year, representatives of the company management, trade unions and workers sent to South bouquet of fresh flowers and best wishes to all can the girls, the sistersin the company staff. Such as a note on the merits that the female officers and employees have contributed to the company.Through this activity, is also a valuable source of encouragement for female cadres and workers continue to try and strive tofulfill the assigned tasks, contributing greatly to the overall development of the company Jade Diep in particular and society in general.

Here are some pictures of the holidays:

Pictures on 20th Oct at the headquarters of the company  118 Nguyen Du Street, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi:




Pictures of 20th Oct at Ngoc DiepPackaging and window Factory



Photos at showrooms: