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Ngoc Diep Company met on the beginning of spring 2016

In the morning of 08 th Tet (ie dated 02/15/2016), The entire staff and employees Ngoc Diep company has returned to work after a long vacation.

Meet the spring in a joyful atmosphere, each flushing, everyone together for the good wishes, promising a new year of wellbeing and prosperity.
As an annual, Tran Thi Thu Diep  Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors the Company to each department and lucky New Year’s greetings to everyone taking the first garment.
Board of directors and officers and staff stay together photography joyful moments of the new year.


Collective Company Ngoc Diep


Representatives of the Company Board of Directors Board of Directors photographed with male employees in the company


Representatives of the Company Board of Directors Board of Directors photographed with female employees in the company


Representatives of the Company Board of Directors
Representatives leaders last photographic project rooms  456 Business Affairs Forum

Representatives leaders and representatives photography Factory Packaging – Door Ngoc Diep
After New Year wishes, the glass touch, shake hands, all officers, employees of the Company re-engrossed with plans, new goals in 2016.
The working atmosphere at the company’s office
The working atmosphere at Ngoc Diep Packaging Plant

The working atmosphere at the Ngoc Diep Window Factory 

Offers calm spring 2016, the entire Board of Directors and officers and employees together in Ngoc Diep determined effort to fulfill these objectives, brand NGOC DIEP put up a new level!