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Ngoc Diep company was honored to be praised at the 2015 typical businesse, entrepreneurconference

Date 13/10, People, City Fatherland Front Committee. Hanoi held Conference on honoring businesses, entrepreneurs and launching typical peak month Day for the Poor in 2015. At the conference, Ltd. Trade and Production Ngoc Diep has been honored with Merit City People’s Committee. Hanoi because of outstanding achievements in production and business.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Truong Thi Ngoc Anh  Vice President of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee, e /c Dao Van Binh  City Fatherland Front Committee Chairman. Hanoi, e / c Nguyen Ngoc Tuan  Deputy Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee, and representatives of ministries and central departments and city leaders. Hanoi, businesses, typical entrepreneur. The company has Tran Dung Ngoc Diep  Deputy General Director of the Company representatives attended.

Although in the context of the world economy and in the country more difficult, but more than 200,000 businesses in Hanoi have been many initiatives to overcome difficulties, production and business emulation, contributing more than 60% of total budget revenue city, while creating jobs for more than 2 million workers. Competitiveness of city businesses. Hanoi is increasingly high. The capital business community has raised the spirit of independence, self-reliance, to cope with difficulties and challenges to achieve the achievements in production and business. Many businesses are not only shock on the economic front but also a pioneer in charitable activities, to support poor households and hard on the city … gives confidence to the people, to strengthen unity the entire population.

As one of the outstanding enterprises of the capital, in 2014, with the continuous efforts of the leaders and all officers and employees, the Company Ngoc Diep has achieved outstanding accomplishments in performance production and business. Not only achieve 25% growth, the company continued to expand its distribution network throughout the province, participated in many projects, large projects and national stature.

Besides the production, sales, the company also focuses on the interests of employees, create a safe working environment, professional equipment with systems of modern machinery, building strong internal. Specifically, 100% of the staff and workers to participate social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance; been traveling annually; 13,14 enjoying th month salary; Trade unions are interested, visit the sick …

In recognition of these achievements that the company Ngoc Diep has been achieved in 2014, at the conference praisedbusinesses, entrepreneurs typically 2015, the Hanoi People’s Committee has awarded merit certificates to the Company by decision of : 1520 / QDCommittee signed April 10, 2015.

Here are some photos of the conference:

Tran Dung  Deputy General Director Diep representative company honored with the Certificate of Merit of the MPC. Hanoibecause of outstanding achievements in production and business.


Ngoc Diep Company is one of the typical units received certificates of merit from the People’s Committee of Hanoi City.


Merit awarded Ngoc Diep company for achievements in the emulation movement in 2014 the business sector