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Ngoc Diep company winned a contact to design anf furnish furniture to the Da Nang administrative center worthing over VND 40 billions

Undergo a rigorous tendering process, which is highly competitive, Ngoc Diep company has surpassed many other companies to become the unit designing, furnishing to Da Nang Administrative Center.  

Da Nang Administrative Center is a symbol of the development of the young city, built on a total area of approximately 2.3 hectares with a unique architecture.
Being a large project of national stature, all the units involved in construction are carefully and strictly selected. With experience in construction of large projects, high-quality products and professional staffs, impeccable service warranty, Ngoc Diep has overcome many companies to become the unit designing and furnished furniture for the Da Nang Administrative Center with a total contract value of over VND 40 billion.
Here are some pictures of Da Nang Administrative Center.