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Ngoc Diep Group has achieved Vietnam national brand twice

Tran Huu Quan, Ngoc Diep Group’s Deputy Director said, Vietnam Value Award was the result of all the group’s efforts in manufacturinghigh quality products and satisfying consumers’ demands.

“Ngoc Diep Group will continue to promote capability, improve competitive advantage and reinforce position in the market in all the industries which Ngoc Diep is engaged in; contribute to the common development of Vietnam’s national brands”, Mr. Quan affirmed.

Tran Huu Quan, Ngoc Diep Group’s Deputy Director received the image of Vietnam Value 2018

As a multi-industry group, Ngoc Diep Group has advantages in manufacturing carton packaging (Ngoc Diep Packaging Company), industrial-constructional aluminium products-aluminium billets (Ngoc Diep Aluminium Company); doors, windows, partitions producing and assembly (Ngoc Diep Window Company); office, home, school interior consultancy, design and execution (Ngoc Diep Furniture Company).

The Group has 3 large scale factories with the total area of 150,000m2 located in Pho Noi Industrial Park (Van Lam District, Hung Yen Province), creating jobs for thousands of employees and finishing tax payment of billions of VND to Vietnam government budget annually.

Ngoc Diep has advantage in manufacturing carton packaging

In addition to reinforcing the industries having advantages, Ngoc Diep Group also develops the new industry of manufacturing constructional and industrial aluminium products, aluminium billets, etc. In order to produce high quality products, creating competitive advantage, the group concentrates on manufacturing technology and human resource improvements.

Ngoc Diep Group has been granted a lot of awards including: Top 100 Vietnam Golden Star Award 2018, Top 500 Vietnam’s most profitable enterprises 2018, Top 500 biggest private companies in Vietnam 2018 selected by Vietnam Report, etc.

Aluminium products is one of the flagship products of Ngoc Diep Group

Vietnam Value is Vietnam Value is the only program implemented by Vietnam’s Government twice a year with the target of advertising the national image and national brand via products brands (including goods and services brands). 

There was 1,500 enterprises participating the program in 2018. After the processes of selection, verification, profiles evaluation and field research, on basis of Vietnam Value Committee Members and Minister of Industry and Commerce’s agreement, Vietnam Value Committee’s President presented Vietnam Value award to 97 enterprises.