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Ngoc Diep Group held Ngoc Diep cup 2016 to congratulate The Vietnamese women’s day (20th Oct)

Yesterday, October 16, the Company held Ngoc Diep Ngoc Diep Cup football tournament in 2016 to celebrate Vietnam Women 20-10.

Join the league of 4 teams:

Hanoi Office Team

Team warehouse offices

Packing Factory Team Ngoc Diep

Team Factory Stores Ngoc Diep

Together, the presence of representatives of the company’s leadership and the fans extremely enthusiastic!

At 8:30, Mr. Tran Thanh Long – Director of Ngoc Diep Packing Factory behalf of the Board of Directors announced the opening tournament reason and common rules for the 4 teams.

Results qualifying draw is:
Hanoi Office Team vs Factory Packaging
Team vs Factory Warehouse Office Store
Shortly after the opening whistle, the team’s players were quickly deployed strategic team, played their best to offer the audience the beautiful glossy screen.
In the team match vs Factory Warehouse Office Store, while having strong attack with full assertiveness shot, then it seems the team’s defense was no longer warehouse offices remain calm. The embarrassment of the players Office Warehouse has created gaps that the Factory Stores striker scored enlist. After round 2, The Factory Stores has convincing victory 3-0.

In contrast, in the match between Hanoi Office vs Packing Factory, we can say this is the match referee horizontal close and very tense when two teams chasing the score is very close. The opportunities are constantly being created that the audience excited. With the result 2-2, the match went into a penalty to round inconclusive. Although, being the lead in games where it seems as of late, the team spirit of the players Hanoi Office as firmer. In the match penalty series, shot on 4 fruit stand, Hanoi Office has convincing victory 4-1.




Step into the final with a psychological stability, comfort, Hanoi Office was quick lead with a goal in the 10th minute with the merits of the Do Huu Thinh. Determined to tie the game, Factory Shop has created a lot of chances, but the defense stumbled Steel Hanoi Office, should end the 1st half, Factory Stores has not scored any goals. Conversely, 2-0.
In 2nd half of the game, both teams are fond of attacking with the heated screen needs painting. Every effort was rewarded when Nguyen Van Dat player’s Factory Store scored after 12 minutes, bringing the lead to 1-2. However, on 18 minutes, Hanoi Office scored the final score to 3-1.
The tournament concludes with the following results:
First prize: The Hanoi Office
Second Prize: Team Factory Store
Third Prize: The Office Warehouse
Consolation prize: Team Factory Packaging

Tran Dung – Deputy General Director of the Company to communicate with rewards Cup team won the first prize – Hanoi Office

Mr.Tran Thanh Long – Director Ngoc Diep Packaging Factory awarded commemorative medals to the winning team’s reward for second – Factory Store Ngoc Diep

Mr. Do Manh Hung – Director of the factory gates handed cup Ngoc Diep up the reward for winning the three – Office Warehouse

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu – Chief Operating Company warehouse on the same cup awarded to the team winning rewards to encourage – Factory Packaging Ngoc Diep

Tournament also won, the losing team, with joy, with regret but with Ngoc Diep Cup in 2016, the remaining balance is your joy, solidarity.

After the game, everyone together festivals, toast Vietnam Women’s Day, congratulations solidarity and strong development of the company Ngoc Diep!