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Ngoc Diep Group organized the ”Family Day”

With the concept “capital is not the most precious, culture is the most intangible asset of the business”, so from the beginning of establishment, Ngoc Diep company always strives to build and develop its own culture in order to create cohesion between employees and the company, and between employees through internal activities such as tourism, charity, picnic…

To celebrate international children’s day, as well as to create opportunities for exchanges among families in the company, the company organized a picnic program called “Family Day” at the Ecopark on June 4th.

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Participants of the program included the Board of Directors, the Executive Board of the Trade Union, the employees and their families.

After the award to the children have good academic achievements, they are repertoire of arts, magic and humor.


The children having good academic achievements received gifts 


Representative of the Board of Directors presents gifts to children who had good academic achievements

Dance of hand washing performance

Teambuilding is always the funniest part.

The 40-degree sunshine of the summer of June can not reduce the enthusiasm of teams. With the spirit of solidarity, the teams have performed together and have memorable moments together.


Despite the hot weather, the program was successful. The measure is the enthusiasm for the game, the smile, the embrace of solidarity, the joy of victory, or simply the gripping hand… The desire of the Organizing Committee is to create a space where children can enjoy nature, participate in team games, create opportunities to connect with company members and families with together. And we did it. Thanks to the enthusiasm of all employees and families.