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Ngoc Diep – The summation of 17 years of establishment

During 17 years of esbatlishment and development (May 1st, 1996 – May 1st, 2013), Ngoc Diep group has recorded great achievements and has been offered certificates of merit and awards by the government, city as well as prestigious organizations.

Looking back what it has done, Ngoc Diep should be completely proud of its strong development and achievements recorded.

When the economy has not completely recovered after the crisis, many businesses decided to reduce the scale, cut down the number of employees, Ngoc Diep Group has still remained the sustainable development, even expanded business activity into new sector with brand name – NGOCDIEPWINDOW.

The company has had 2 factories of door and packing built on more than 40000 square meters in area and equipped by modern machines, meeting the international criteria and created jobs for hundreds of employees.




Ngoc Diep Packing Factory

The growth over years is always stable; turnover of later year is higher than previous one; the number of employees reached more than 500 people (up to 2012)

Besides contributions to the development of the economy, Ngoc Diep Group also cares about the development of the society. Every year, the company organizes charitable programs towards orphans, the disabled, the lonely elderly, etc.


Charitable program at Na Hang – Tuyen Quang

With achievements listed above, Ngoc Diep Group has been offered certificates of merit and awards such as: Certificate of merit issued by the Prime Minister, the Ha Noi city People Council for recording achievements in business, contributing into the city’s emulation movement over years; certificate of merit of the National Council for the international economy cooperation; certificate of merit of Chamber of Industry and Commerce Viet Nam; Golden cup VTOPBUILD, etc.


Certificate of merit offered by Prime Minister

17 years is not long time to a company’s history of development. But this time is especially meaningful to Ngoc Diep Group, because it recorded the establishment, development and affirmation of Ngoc Diep’s position. With proper strategies of development and investment, and the of Board of Director as well as the employees’ enthusiasm and dedication, Ngoc Diep Group will be able to develop more strongly in future.