News | 18-10-2023

NGOCDIEPWINDOW celebrates luxury life at Hilton Hai Phong Luxury Apartment – BRG Legend

Located in the heart of the red poinciana city, the Hilton Hai Phong Luxury Apartment – BRG Legend project is a new symbol of high-class life in the port land, reviving the pioneering aspirations and pride of Hai Phong people. about the first and most prosperous coastal urban area in Vietnam.

Contributing to creating the luxurious and luxurious beauty of high-class standards for BRG Legend, NGOCDIEPWINDOW is honored to be the contractor supplying and constructing aluminum glass doors, glass railings, and glass roofs.

NGOCDIEPWINDOW door frame possesses sophisticated design lines, harmony between color and material, is the perfect highlight for BRG Legend’s neoclassical architectural style, bringing a breath of history to the heart of the developing city. develop in a new era.

The entire NGOCDIEPWINDOW glass door system of each apartment at BRG Legend is equipped with the most modern 2-layer Low-E glass available today, reducing the dispersion and absorption of heat, creating a stable warm temperature inside. winter and cool in summer. NGOCDIEPWINDOW doors welcome fresh air and natural light with views embracing the beautiful scenery of the dynamic city that is transforming every day. NGOCDIEPWINDOW door aluminum profile bar is made from high-quality Dinostar aluminum with a modern, durable powder coating layer, helping to maintain the luxurious and classy beauty of BRG Legend, despite the sunny and windy sea weather conditions in the city. Port Street.

With reputation for product quality and construction experience, NGOCDIEPWINDOW has been selected as a contractor by major investors Vingroup, Sun Group, Ecopark, Flamingo Group, BIM Group, Phenikaa Group,… installing aluminum glass doors and walls for high-class projects such as Vinhomes Riverside; Flamingo Cat Ba; Ecopark, Regent Phu Quoc, Phenikaa University… and many other outstanding projects.



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