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NGOCDIEPWINDOW launch exclusive line of aluminum products branded DINOTECH

DINOTECH is the exclusive brand NGOCDIEPWINDOW aluminum, are produced on modern machinery from Germany. With reasonable design consists of hollow cavity, tendons stiffened the trench structure, technical wall carefully calculated, aluminum DINOTECH potentially superior strength compared to conventional aluminum, and also has soundproofed, insulated.

DINOTECH profile bar with 4 basic colors: white, brown coffee, dark record, Wood combined with other types of glass are produced according to European standards and synchronization hardware accessories such as: Hehe Hardware, creating KinLong … products with high aesthetic, suitable for various types of architecture.

The products made from aluminum DINOTECH reasonably priced but still ensure high stability, no warping, shrinkage; suitable for the climatic conditions in Vietnam to save investment costs as well as routine maintenance costs. Also, due to its good insulation saves energy for air-conditioning system or ventilation of the building.

Produced by closed chain with close monitoring under a quality management system ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, the products are made from aluminum DINOTECH international standards as well as Vietnam (DIN, ISO 7451-2004, ISO 7452-2004, NTR 16-2014) and a very friendly environment.

Not only good quality, reasonably priced, branded products DINOTECH also free 2 year warranty, aluminum DINOTECH own warranty period and surface quality of up to 10 years to paint services operating 24/7 by the staff, professional staff, are trained.

Some typical door system made of aluminum DINOTECH: