News | 10-06-2024

Dinostar Aluminium Ingot: Pinnacle of Quality from Japanese Technology

In the Vietnamese aluminium manufacturing industry, Dinostar Aluminium has established a solid reputation with its high-quality products, notably the newly launched ingot. By applying advanced Japanese technology, Dinostar Aluminium Ingot meets the most stringent quality standards, providing high reliability for industrial applications.

Japanese Technology: The Gold Standard for Perfect Quality

Dinostar Aluminium closely collaborates with Japanese experts, applying leading processes and technology to the production of ingot, ensuring the final product’s superior quality.

Dinostar Aluminium Ingots are produced using Japanese technology.

Closed Production Process and Strict Quality Control

The production process for Dinostar Aluminium Ingots is carried out on a Japanese technology line, strictly adhering to quality standards. The stringent quality control system ensures that the products achieve high quality, meeting the demanding technical requirements of various industries.

Outstanding Features of Dinostar Ingot

Dinostar Aluminium Ingots have a diverse product range, including ADC12, ADC6, AlSi15, AlSi20 ingots, degassed aluminium, 6063, 6061 ingots, and more. With superior technical characteristics, Dinostar Aluminium Ingots are the ideal choice for applications requiring high durability and precision, meeting the quality and performance demands of the products.

Dinostar Aluminium Ingots come in a variety of types: ADC12, ADC6, AlSi15, AlSi20 ingots, degassed aluminium, 6063, 6061 ingots, and more.

Diverse Applications Across Multiple Industries

Dinostar Aluminium Ingots are widely used in various industrial fields, from automotive, aerospace, and electronics to household appliances. They play a crucial role in the global supply chain, contributing to the development of Vietnam’s industrial sector.

Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Dinostar Aluminium Ingots are produced using advanced technology and Japanese standard production processes. They are environmentally friendly, minimizing emissions and optimizing the use of materials and energy. Not only do they meet quality requirements, but Dinostar Aluminium Ingots also exemplify Dinostar Aluminium’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable production.

By incorporating modern technology into the production line, Dinostar Aluminium Ingots meet stringent technical standards, making them the top choice for businesses both domestically and internationally. Dinostar Aluminium continues to assert its leading position in the aluminium manufacturing industry, pioneering innovation and constantly striving to deliver high-quality products.