News | 07-06-2024

Official Launch of Dinostar Aluminium Ingot – Promoting Sustainable Industry

Making a significant impact in the market with its extruded aluminium products and billets, Dinostar Aluminium asserts its position as Vietnam’s leading comprehensive aluminium solutions provider by introducing its new line of aluminium ingots.
This significant milestone not only demonstrates Dinostar Aluminium’s ability to fully meet market demands – from raw aluminium ingots to finished aluminium products – but also marks an impressive advancement in Vietnam’s material industry with a breakthrough in autonomous production capabilities.
Superior Features, Diverse Applications
  • Dinostar aluminium ingots are introduced with various superior product lines: ADC12, ADC6, AlSi15, AlSi20, aluminium deoxidizer, and aluminium ingots 6063, 6061…
  • With outstanding technical characteristics, Dinostar aluminium ingots are high-quality products widely used in high-tech applications in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, and household appliance industries, serving both FDI enterprises and for export.
Advanced Japanese Technology and Strict Production Processes
  • Dinostar aluminium ingots are produced on cutting-edge technology lines that comply with stringent Japanese standards, combined with a rigorous quality control system and consultations from leading Japanese experts.
Dinostar aluminium ingots promise to be a reliable partner for enterprises in manufacturing and fabrication, contributing to bringing internationally acclaimed high-quality products closer to Vietnamese consumers. This marks a significant advancement for Dinostar Aluminum in Vietnam’s material industry.