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The bustling atmosphere on March 8 at Ngoc Diep Group

In that spirit, with the attention of the Board of Directors of the Company, Ngoc Diep Group has organized giving flower, congratulating March 8 for all female staffs, Wishing NGOC DIEP women to be healthy,beautiful and happy.

Especially, in the joyful atmosphere of the International Women’s Day, Ngoc Diep Group organized the contest: “Art flower Arranging ” made by Ngoc Diep Men  to  give to the sisters and employees of Ngoc Diep Group.

Some special photos at Ngoc Diep Group on 8- March :


The Reception

Material department and Accounting

Window business department, interior designers

Administration Department, Legal Department, Internal Control department.

Interior project business and Aluminum sales departmentPackaging Sales & Accounting 

Kitchen part

Executive office  of interior warehouseNgoc Diep aluminium Factory

Ngoc Diep Window Factory

Some pictures of the contest: Art flower arrangement: