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The episode reportage ”Ngoc Diep – 20 years of foundation and development”

Founded since 1996, experienced many difficulties and challenges, along with the joy and pride, Ngoc Diep has made a big change in size as well as its position in sectors of furniture, packaging, and aluminum, plastic door and window, and curtain wall.

The process of foundation and development that is condensed in the episode reportage “Ngoc Diep – 20 years of foundation and development”

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To get the results today, at the beginning, Board of Directors and employees have clearly defined the motto and mission of the company:

+ Provide customers with the best and fastest products and the service.

+ Create a work environment and corporate culture in order to maximize the talent and creativity of individual officials and employees.

Thereby creating strong, sustainable and stable growth for the company for 20 years, as well as benefit to customers and partners.

In the process of its foundation and development, to get a united team with a high sense of responsibility, and strive for a common goal, company leaders are constantly interested in regime and the interests of employees, continuously improve material life and spirit of employees. In the past 20 years, travel, vacation home and abroad are held every year, the cultural and sports activities are maintained constantly brought new dynamics, cohesion , collective understanding among staffs as well as between staffs and the company.

In addition, during the manufacturing operations of its business, Ngoc Diep is always aware of corporate responsibility with social activities. The company often implements multiple activities supporting the difficult people in the past year, particularly in the fields of education and health. This activity had a positive and enthusiasm response from all employees in the company.

To be able to gain these achievements, besides the efforts and determination of board of directors and all staffs, there are also the trust and support of partners and customers who have accompanied with Ngoc Diep during the past 20 years.

On behalf of the leadership of the Company, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Diep – Chairwoman of the Company has sincerely thanked partners, customers, also pledged to strive to make Ngoc Diep always be the leading brand in the fields the company participates.

Once again we would like to deeply thank the partners, customers and all employees for always co-operating, sticking with the company. Wishing you good health! Good for Ngoc Diep Company stronger!