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The problem of cheap aluminum with fake labels in Vietnam

A representative of a brand specializing in producing aluminum extrusionin Vietnam market said: “The situation of fake aluminum and aluminum clones is rampant in Vietnam today, consumers are affected first. Because  that Using Inferior quality products  into construction projects’s likely to cause accidents and possibly affect human life. About us, Besides affecting prestige (cannot count), the company annually losses of 400-500 billion VND for counterfeit goods and fake goods ”.

If in the past, many Vietnamese enterprises had to “bite their teeth” to lower the cost of products to compete with Chinese enterprises, in the new context, businesses also had to face new difficulties. That is the situation of fake aluminum and poor quality produced and consumed by Vietnamese enterprises in their own market. In January 2018, a large-scale line of  counterfeitXingfa aluminum production of a famous aluminum producer in Vietnam was discovered and investigated by  reporters and authorities. 

In early 2019, the Vietnamese aluminum market stirred up with  many cases of hundred tons of aluminum from some units that were kept in prison by authorities for suspecting fake aluminum labels and having signs of counterfeiting goods, infringing upon industrial property rights. Although there are still many problems that need to be solved thoroughly, the fierce participation of state management agencies, can not deny some of the progress of the aluminum industry in Vietnam.

The decision to investigate anti-dumping on Chinese aluminum is the first move from the government , reflect  the positive change of the aluminum industry in 2019.

High-tech production line at Dinostar Aluminum Factory – Ngoc Diep Group

2019 is forecasted to be an exciting year of the aluminum market with the entry of many new brands, bringing new “solutions” to the market. Economic experts say that the current volatility of the market is a golden opportunity for businesses to conquer consumers. Competition for aluminum industry this year will be higher but shall be a competition between product quality and service.

As a prestigious aluminum brand in Vietnam aluminum extrusion filed, Aluminum DINOSTAR of Ngoc Diep Group has confirmed its foothold in Vietnam’s construction materials market. With the vision, since the new product was born, Ngoc Diep Group has actively focused on brand protection by registering intellectual property rights for trademarks, labels, logos, … It is confirmed  the consciousnes and responsibility of the enterprise to state law and consumers in the context of the market economy having many lots of agitation; is a commitment and ensure  for prestige, sustainability of quality as well as the brand for Ngoc Diep Dinostar aluminum products. Create the trust for customers and agents when using branded products and protected by state law.

High quality Dinostar aluminum products

Focusing on high quality product segment , Dinostar Aluminum of Ngoc Diep Group has gradually occupied the confidence of many fastidious customers and is expected to bring a new wind to the Vietnamese aluminum market.