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Things you need to know about 3-layer cartons in packaging goods

3-layer cartons are one of the most popular types of cartons in many manufacturing businesses, and are considered to provide a superior solution for preserving and transporting goods. So what are the structures, advantages and disadvantages as well as applications of this type of carton? Let’s find out with Ngoc Diep Packaging in the following article!

1. What is a 3-layer carton?

True to its name, a 3-layer carton is a type of packaging made from 3 layers of carton paper, in order from outside to inside, including:

Surface layer: Is the outermost layer of paper, usually using smooth, flat, highly aesthetic paper material. This layer of paper is usually brown, light brown or white. You can also use printing methods to print additional colors, images, messages… on the box.

Middle layer: Is a layer of sine wave paper firmly glued to the remaining two layers of paper, acting as an insulation and load-bearing system to help protect goods. The commonly used wave types are A, B, C or E waves, with a thickness between 1.5 – 4.7 mm. Depending on the different types of waves, the ability to withstand impact and force will also be different.

Bottom layer: Made from normal paper or hard paper, usually twice the weight of the top layer. Depending on the customer’s intended use, the production unit will provide a type of paper with appropriate hardness to meet the product packaging needs.

2. Advantages and disadvantages of 3-layer cartons

2.1 About advantages

• Cheap price: Most 3-layer cartons on the market today are kraft paper or duplex paper with low cost and easy to buy. Therefore, when compared to other types of storage materials such as plastic, stainless steel, aluminum…, cartons are cheaper, helping businesses save on product packaging costs.

• Easy to store and transport: 3-layer cartons are light in weight, often folded flat into stacks of paper when not in use, so they are easy to store and preserve in warehouses, saving space and simplifying transportations.

• Diversity in styles and designs: Made from malleable materials, 3-layer carton boxes have a variety of designs and sizes, meeting the specific and unique needs of each customer. When printed with additional information, carton boxes also become an effective advertising tool to help impress customers thanks to eye-catching colors and impressive messages.

• Product protection: 3-layer cartons have good compression resistance, helping to protect the product from impact during transportation. The thick, sturdy paper layer also limits harm from environmental factors such as dirt, temperature, insects, etc.

Environmentally friendly: Carton boxes can be reused many times. When damaged, cartons are easily recycled or decomposed, minimizing harm to the environment.

2.2 About disadvantages

• Durability gradually decreases over time: When using cartons for storage for too long a time, the quality of the carton will decline and may lose its original shape, color, hardness, etc. The more a barrel is reused, the less durable it becomes.

• Damage when exposed to fire or water: 3-layer cartons are made of paper, so when exposed to water, they will become damp, soft and easily torn, which can affect the quality of the product inside. On the contrary, when exposed to fire, it will burn very quickly, causing harm to people and property. Therefore, carton storage areas need to be absolutely away from fire and water.

• Cannot withstand too much impact force: Because it is only made of 3 layers of paper, 3-layer cartons will not be as sturdy as 5-layer, 7-layer cartons or other types of materials. When exposed to too strong an impact, the box may be dented or torn.

3. Application of 3-layer carton

3-layer cartons are one of the most popular types of cartons today and are widely used in many fields, especially for products weighing less than 20kg and suitable volume. For example:

• Foods such as cakes, pizza, fruits…

• Components, spare parts and electronic equipment

• Fashion items such as clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics…

• …

It can be said that 3-layer cartons have become an effective and economical packaging solution for many manufacturing businesses. With diversity and flexibility in design, bearing capacity, durability, low cost… 3-layer cartons can meet the specific and unique needs of each business with transportation and preservation. goods management. Not only that, through printing on the surface of the box, businesses also have an effective marketing tool to impress customers and increase brand recognition.

If you are looking for a suitable packaging solution for your business, please contact Ngoc Diep Packaging immediately via hotline 024.3942.1819 to receive in-depth advice on 3-layer cartons from experts. Experience it!




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