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VICTORIOUS VISION – Exclusive line of NGOCDIEPWINDOW plastic doors and windows

Thanks to the material produced by polymer and additive flame retardant, does not decompose into other flammable parts, products made from plastic bar Victorious VISION minimize the spread of flames in case of fire, explosion Even in conditions of high temperature near 1.0000 C, bar Victorious VISION plastic deformation without sharp just fire.

The use of additives and stabilizers in the formula bar distribution of profile data helped to products made from plastic rod VISION Victorious no warping, shrinkage, does not oxidize, or yellowing of the radiation conditions the sun and the weather is hot and humid, rainy nhieugiup investment cost as well as routine maintenance costs. Also, due to its good insulation saves energy for air-conditioning system or ventilation of the building.

Produced by closed chain with close monitoring under a quality management system ISO 9001, Environmental Management System ISO 14001, products made from plastic Victorious VISIONdeu international standards as well as Vietnam (ISO 7451-2004, ISO 7452-2004, NTR 16-2014) and a very friendly environment.

Not only good quality, reasonably priced, branded products are warranted Victorious free VISIONcon 2 years, plastic bar Victorious VISIONthoi own warranty up to 5 years warranty with 24/7 service by the staff, professional staff, are trained.

Some typical door system made of bars VIC: