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Year end party 2016 and welcome 2017 of Ngoc Diep Packaging and Window Factory

On 15th Jan 2017, at 1st floor, Co Do Hoi Quan restaurant – Pho Noi B Industrial Zone, Yen My, Hung Yen, Year end party of Ngoc Diep packaging and window factory was held successfully with the presence of the Board of directors and all employees of Ngoc Diep Packaging and Window factory. 

Entertainment shows to welcome the employees Factory Packaging – Door Ngoc Diep

At the closing ceremony, the employees have a look at the results of production and business operations of the company in 2016 and partially capture the strategic direction and plans, business goals of the leadership in 2017 through speeches by Ms Tran Thi Thu Diep – Chairman of the company and Mr. Tran Thanh Long – Director of the factory.

Tran Thanh Long – Factory Director read the Report 2016

Tran Thi Thu Diep – Chairman of the Company to speech

In 2016, in addition to millions of dollars of investment to improve and innovate machinery lines, leaders also issued policies to support, encourage employees to raise labor productivity. Therefore, the years the company has achieved a good performance. Such as:

– 2016, Ngoc Diep Joint Stock Company is honored as the only unit in the field of packaging was awarded national brand. This is a great honor by the National brand is the only program of the government of Vietnam conducted to promote the image, national brand through brand products (goods and services). To achieve this honor must now meet a variety of criteria such as quality, innovation, pioneering capability, financial capability, brand communication …

– As for the field day, as well as 1 year years success when NGOCDIEPWINDOW has affirmed its position, is the investor rated as one of the leading prestigious units in the market. Product output compared to 2015 has increased 150%.

Before those achievements, Ms. Tran Thi Thu Diep behalf of the Company Board of Directors to thank all staff and Packing Factory Factory Stores. Also hope in 2017, all employees will jointly endeavor to reap greater success.

Tran Thanh Long represents the plant flowers for Ms. Tran Thi Thu Diep

Before the interest of the Company Board of Directors, Board Factory, he Tang Van Cuong – Production workers represented Door Complete Packaging plant staff – Ngoc Diep Shop has a few words of gratitude addressed to the Board leader.

The success of an organization is contributing to the effort and sustained effort of every staff and employees in the organization. At the ceremony, the company’s leaders have given meaningful rewards for individuals who have made outstanding achievements in 2016. This is the typical face, has to contribute, enthusiasm their organizations and contribute to building strong Ngoc Diep ship overcome all difficulties and challenges, towards success.

Bui Ngoc – General Director of the Company to reward outstanding employees

Tran Thanh Long – Plant Manager and Mr. Do Manh Hung – Director of the factory doors to offer rewards for advanced staff

To celebrate the achievements gained in the past year and welcome the new year, the company leaders, factory Packaging – Door Ngoc Diep together with all employees also toast the new year even more successful.

Besides these rituals, the program has brought to the attendees of the moment really relaxed, playful with the signature of entertainment and lucky draw curtain thrilled and excited.


The structure of this year’s awards include:

– 01 first prize: 01 TV Sharp 40 ”

– 02 second prizes: 02 sex of Everon

– Third prize 02: 02 ovens Electrolux

– The private 03: 03 infrared Sunhouse kitchen

– 10 of the year: 10 Supor rice cooker 1.8L 

Award five lucky employees

Investment lucky employees won

Award three lucky employees

Lucky employees won second prize


Nguyen Van Bat – The luck part Thanh won the most

Festival Programme in the opening until the end of heat continued unabated. The amount of entertainment, the enthusiastic cheers of the audience, plus the thrill in the lucky draw was made extremely exciting atmosphere, people chained together to enjoy the relaxing moments after a year busy. Activities like these enrich the spiritual life of the brothers and sisters in the company and also the opportunity to nurture feelings all employees with common roof Ngoc Diep.

Closing ceremony was a great success with lots of laughter and fun. This is indeed a rare opportunity to reunite the colleagues in Ngoc Diep family new years eve.

Dinh Dau year 2017. The entire staff would like to wish the Company Ngoc Diep good health, wellbeing and prosperity!