News | 22-09-2022

Dinostar Aluminum welcomes the world’s 2nd largest aluminum producer Rusal to visit

On the afternoon of September 20, 2022, a representative of RUSAL Marketing GmbH company of United Company (UC) RUSAL, the largest corporation in Russia and the second largest in the world in the field of aluminum production, visited and worked with Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company at its headquarters in Hanoi. The visit is considered as an important premise to open up cooperation opportunities between Dinostar Aluminum and RUSAL in the near future.

RUSAL is the global aluminum industry leader and the world’s leading producer of low carbon aluminum (brand ALLOW). In 2020, RUSAL accounts for about 5.8% of aluminum production and 6.5% of global alumina production. RUSAL offices are active in more than 20 countries on 5 continents with more than 50,000 employees.

RUSAL Marketing GmbH visited and worked at the headquarters of Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company

(Photo: Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company)

At the visit and working session, Mr. Anton Stepanov, Sales Director for Southeast Asia of RUSAL expressed his impression with the scale, production capacity and development potential of Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company. Assessing that Vietnam is an attractive destination for foreign businesses with a dynamic economy, potential market, rich resources, especially Vietnam’s aluminum production industry is developing very strongly with many opportunities. At a large meeting, RUSAL Group has officially planned to invest in Vietnam and seek cooperation with the leading aluminum enterprises in Vietnam to participate and penetrate deeply into the global supply chain.

Talking at the reception, Mr. Bui Ngoc Duc – Production Director of Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company shared, with superior product quality that meets strict international standards, Dinostar Aluminum has successfully exported. to difficult markets such as North America, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. As one of the leading aluminum manufacturing companies in Vietnam, Dinostar Aluminum always attaches great importance to cooperation with international partners to connect connecting supply chains, innovating technology, improving productivity and product quality.

Mr. Bui Ngoc Duc, Director of Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company and Mr. Anton Stepanov, RUSAL Southeast Asia Sales Director and representatives of the two companies

(Photo: Ngoc Diep Aluminum Joint Stock Company)

The visit and work of RUSAL Marketing GmbH company opened up opportunities for cooperation between RUSAL and Dinostar Aluminum, and affirmed the position and strong reputation of Dinostar Aluminum in the international arena.



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