News | 18-06-2024

Dinostar Aluminium Ingots – Diverse in Variety, Supreme in Quality

Continuing to affirm its position as the leading provider of comprehensive aluminium solutions in Vietnam, Dinostar Aluminium officially launches its line of ingots with a diverse product range. These products meet the needs of customers in high-tech industries, aerospace, automotive manufacturing, electronics, and household appliances. The new product line not only offers a wide selection but also reaches the pinnacle of quality, ensuring superior performance and durability in all applications.
Diverse in Variety:
  • High-quality aluminium ingots, available in various types: ADC12, ADC6, ADC3, ADC-SH, A360, A380, A390 (YD155), A413, AC2B, AC4B, AC4C, and more.

  • Dinostar Aluminium’s silicon-containing aluminium alloy products meet the stringent requirements of various industries, including AlSi9, AlSi10Fe, AlSi15, AlSi20, and more.

  • Degassed aluminium products are used in the steel manufacturing industry to enhance the purity and efficiency of the metallurgical process.

  • Dinostar 6063 and 6061 ingots, known for their high applicability, are highly popular in the market.

Supreme in Quality:
  • Dinostar Aluminium Ingots are produced using advanced technology and Japanese standard production processes. 
  • With diverse applications, Dinostar Aluminium Ingots meet the most stringent requirements in manufacturing and fabrication processes. From steel production and metallurgy to casting consumer goods and specialized industrial applications, Dinostar Aluminium Ingots ensure superior quality output.
Dinostar Aluminium is proud to be a reliable partner providing comprehensive aluminium solutions, continuously striving to improve quality and expand its product range. Committed to delivering optimal value to customers, Dinostar Aluminium will continue to develop and supply top-quality alloy ingots, meeting all domestic and international market needs and standards.