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Trend of office interior design in 2017

More than 20 years in the field of furniture, Ngoc Diep always updates and bring to customers the latest products and design trends.
The trend of office interior design in recent years has changed from traditional style to modern style and science. Here are some of the latest trends in popularity:
Open trend
The working space is designed in the trend of open office furniture where the interaction will be pushed to the highest level. There is no corner of the office with bundled bulkheads, now the trend of modern office furniture in an open style will bring employees closer together, increase connectivity and the spirit of cooperation between employees. , Departments, thereby positively impacting performance as well as performance.
Multi-functional space trend
There is no longer the existence of small rooms, bench rests are all over the place, multi-purpose space can be used for all functions from the multimedia presentation room to the area. Break, eat. We will see more oval work desks offering more convenient seating positions for 4 to 6 people as well as the flexibility of converting space in a snap for an extraordinary meeting.
Organized color trend
Design workspace with vibrant colors will help to think smoothly and creatively. Some studies have shown that color can increase happiness, productivity and inspiration … Therefore, the interior trend integrates many outstanding colors, diverse lungs with accessories and furniture. Dedicated is a popular trend.
Minimal Trends
The trend of modern minimalist office furniture is becoming more and more popular and is favored by the subtlety of the class, which is expressed in neat details, less in number but extremely harmonious and qualitative. The minimalist office furniture will be suitable for high-end and modern companies who want to own simple space but still ensure high quality and aesthetics.