News | 05-07-2024

Aluminum ADC12 ingots Dinostar – The perfect choice for the modern industry.

ADC12 aluminum is a type of aluminum alloy casting widely used in the industry due to its mechanical properties and good castability. ADC12 is designated according to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) and is extensively utilized in various industrial applications worldwide. It is commonly employed in the manufacturing of automotive parts, motorcycles, electronic equipment components, telecommunications, and many other products.

Thanks to its superior properties, Dinostar’s ADC12 aluminum ingots strike an ideal balance between quality and performance, making them a perfect choice for manufacturers in applications requiring high durability and efficiency:

1. High Strength: ADC12 Dinostar exhibits tensile strength comparable to many steel alloys, suitable for structural and load-bearing applications.

2. Corrosion Resistance: The aluminum alloy resists corrosion and oxidation effectively.

3. Good Castability: It can be easily cast into complex shapes, ideal for applications demanding precise shapes and tolerances.

Manufactured on advanced production lines, Dinostar’s ADC12 aluminum ingots not only meet but also exceed the rigorous standards of modern industry. These outstanding features and applications make ADC12 Dinostar a deserving choice for various industrial applications.