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Football match between FC Hoa Phat and FC Ngoc Diep

Dated 11.01.2015 morning, at the Stadium of Technology, Hanoi, the football team of the Company Ngoc Diep had a friendly soccer match with soccer team from Hoa Phat Steel Joint Stock Company.

8:30 am, the players of the two teams full presence at the competition venue. Despite the cold weather, but the players of the two teams have played their best game created dramatic appeal. This match took place lively with the cheers of the fans, the players of the two teams continuously held many attacks. This match ended with the score 0-2 in favor of FC team Hoa Phat Steel Joint Stock. However, with the sense that a friendly soccer match, in the spirit of exchange and soccer games has contributed to enhancing the relationship between the two companies in sports activities as well as at work.

Here are the pictures of the football match between FC and FC Ngoc Diep Hoa Phat Steel Joint Stock:

Bui Bich Ngoc (4th from left) and Mr. Ho Duc Tho (pink shirt) handed souvenir flags and flowers for 2 teams




Những cổ động viên nhiệt tình của đội bóng FC Ngọc Diệp

FC Hoa Phat Steel and FC Ngoc Diep took photograph with the Organizing Committee