News | 20-12-2021

NGOCDIEPWINDOW launches D-PRO high-end door system – European quality, raising the living standard

Towards the goal of bringing Vietnamese products to the world, NGOCDIEPWINDOW is proud to launch the exclusive D-Pro high-end aluminum door product line with quality comparable to imported European products. Possessing superior technical characteristics, D-Pro doors have superior quality compared to other product lines on the Vietnamese market today.

  • European design for high-class Panorama view

The D-Pro door is made up of a profile bar with a C-slot design according to European standards, compatible with high-end accessory systems. The D-Pro door profile bar is extruded from high-quality billet, meeting the standard of aluminum grade 6063, hardness T6.

Manufactured from high quality profile bar, D-Pro door has a thick, sturdy frame that is more resistant than other doors on the market. Therefore, the D-Pro door models can reach very large sizes, bringing a classy and luxurious Panorama view to the house.

Not only superior in terms of structure, D-Pro doors also possess a flawless appearance thanks to the durable powder coating, which is warranted for up to 30 years.

  • The perfect combination that elevates the living space

D-Pro doors are designed to be compatible with high-end European and American accessories, creating maximum tightness, smooth opening and closing. Combined with modern Low-E glass with a thickness of up to 3cm, D-Pro doors are on par with European products, meeting the 4C gold standard: Dustproof, Waterproof, Soundproof, Heat Insulation.

  • Smart solutions to replace imported goods

Normally, CBU doors from Europe take about 4-6 months to arrive in Vietnam. During the ordering process, technical requirements cannot be changed, causing many difficulties in the construction process. The European door lines do not have a design suitable for the architecture and living environment in Vietnam. Moreover, the product cost and shipping cost are very high.

Produced right in Vietnam, D-Pro doors overcome the disadvantages of importing foreign doors. Consumers are fully active in ordering and quickly receiving products. D-Pro doors have a reasonable price, designed to suit the tropical monsoon climate and user characteristics in the Vietnamese market.

The high-end European-quality D-Pro door series is NGOCDIEPWINDOW’s affirmation of the goal of raising Vietnamese products to international standards, thereby improving the quality of Vietnamese people’s lives every day.